Movie Must Sees In Germany


Germany is a fascinating place to maintain. It's truly quite rich in culture since it is one of the oldest places ever. But putting aside the historical facts about Germany, there are also quite a few things that the nation can be proud of. Hollywood isn't just the area where good movies are being made, but Germany has many movies that people may be interested to see.
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One of the most recent interesting films made in Germany is the film called Goodbye Lenin wherein a young guy named Alex deceives his poor mother that the old Germany still exists. And so, he goes to great lengths just to keep his mother alive, even though it means deceiving her which the ideals her mum used to think in still exist in Germany.

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Another German film worth viewing is Da Boot which will make everybody hold on to their seats for the plot centres around a German captain and his young team who are all in U-Boat. They've been seriously hit but instead of them moving back home, they are led to the Mediterranean Coast where more enemies are found. It's a thrilling film that was created and shown in Germany in 1981.

For drama, there's the Die Ratten wherein following the World War, a young pregnant woman desperately finds her long lost boyfriend. But after her futile attempts and giving birth, she has made a decision to give up her baby for adoption. But with a change of heart, she now wishes to claim back her child from its adoptive parents. This movie has actually won awards in a film festival held at the nation and is highly respected as one of the greatest films.

Of course, a European country like Germany will not be complete without a picture about vampires. And so here is the Vampyr, a narrative about a young man who discovers tales about vampires when seeing a castle in which an old guy he previously met expired, leaving two daughters with one who is ill. Inside this vampire film, it's thought of as very upsetting and shows evidences of evil that is ever being present. Dubbed as one of the best horror movies, it should definitely not be missed.

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